Over the past few weeks we have heard a whole barrage about Julian Assange, we have heard from some people saying he should just go to Sweden and deal with the rape charges.  We have had some people saying what he did wasn’t rape it was just bad manners.  Lots of people with wild conspiracy theories that if he goes to Sweden the next day he will turn up in an orange jumpsuit in Guantanamo Bay.  But we have not had anyone really saying errr wait a moment what about the two victims. 

Now on the 12th August 2007, I found myself in the unfortunate position of being the victim of a serious sexual assault which was reported to the police who handled the matter and it ultimately resulted in a prosecution and conviction for the vile little man.  However you may ask what has that got to do with this situation?

Well the perpetrator absconded from bail for about 18 months.  So for this 18 month period I was left in limbo I was unable to see justice done while the perpetrator went about his life doing whatever he fancied.   Now of Mr Assange can’t quite do what he likes as he has inadvertently made himself a prisoner in the Ecuadorian embassy. 

But the two women who have levied serious allegations against him are left in limbo they have no idea what is happening, and at this stage they don’t even know if he will actually answer those charges.   Now that feeling of just not knowing what will happen or even if the accused will deal with the situation in the proper manner is one that leaves you with more questions than answers. 

It makes you start to question are you doing the right thing? Maybe it would be easier if I just called the police and told them to drop the whole thing. It makes you question the whole criminal justice system, you question yourself.  It makes your life very hard to lead as you have this weight you are dragging around with you, an inability to move on and just live your life because of all of this stuff.

Now I can only imagine what the added pressure and stress on these two women is, with the fact that their accused is on every news program and newspaper every day doing his hardest to actually avoid facing justice.   Spouting on about that the USA want to arrest him for espionage charges, which there has been no indication of such charges. 

Now dealing with the whole situation myself with the support of friends and family made me ill both physically and mentally at times, it caused me to drink lots to try and block out the whole situation to try and escape from the nightmare that was the situation.  In effect it made my life a living nightmare for 2 years till it all went to trial and I could finally relax.  

So regardless what side of the debate you are on, be that he should go to Sweden or one of his apologists maybe just maybe you should take two minutes out  before you next comment on the whole situation and think about the victims in this situation.  The two Swedish women who didn’t ask for this situation to drag on like this, who didn’t ask to be involved in some mass media show but who just want to see justice be done; and think how you would feel in their situation and then if you can then still just dismiss how they feel go for it.  But don’t take offence when someone calls you up on the whole situation. 


22/08/2012 2:38pm

There is no dispute that the Assange case should be heard as soon as possible. Just as we cannot assume his guilt, neither can we assume that the women concerned are telling lies (or the truth). Any evidence, that exists, needs to be examined and tested in a court of law.

Yes, we can see that Assange is avoiding justice. That is why the governments of Sweden, Ecuador and the UK need to find a solution to getting the case heard. Either in Sweden or by videolink.

I am very sad to hear of your personal experience. Glad to see that some form of justice eventually prevailed. Lets hope it does in the Assange case.


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