The media and the left have made a lot of fuss out of all sorts of things since the budget, notably pasties, petrol, the granny tax and cash for access.  So this morning I braced myself for an interesting time knocking on doors.  Just like last weekend after the budget the response from those we spoke to was positive.  Not just from those who traditionally vote conservative but also from those who vote Labour.

I did have one lovely old lady bring up the granny tax but once I explained to her just what it was and who it would affect, she was relived and actually in favour of it.  It's as if the media is actually out of touch with those people they are reporting to.  Mr Smith at number 27 doesn't appear to be interested in the nonsense that the media spew out. We all know that those on the left will make a mountain out of a mole hill if they can, and it looks like the media must source their stories from the left. 

Now I know the whole cash for access thing was a big issue. But the granny tax and pasty gate were two non-stories that are illustrated by the lack of comments I've had on the doorstep.  As for the petrol issue, well that I think happened due to the over reporting of the story by the media.  The problem we are faced with is that with 24 hour rolling news we get the same stories every 20 minutes or so.  As a result it makes an unimportant news item seem important.

Anyone who's knocked on doors after a bad press week for a party will tell you that most of the time the electorate won't mention these items to you.  So it makes you wonder if the people who vote don’t mention the stories to people who are there as a representative of those parties then why oh why do the media decide to repeat the story over and over again. 

I can only think that the media are hoping that they can stir up a lot of fuss over pasties or a tax that only affects a very small number.  If the media wanted to be responsible and fill up their full schedule why not pick up on local good news stories then to repeat non news items over and over again.

Anyhow an a plus note the door knocking went well both this morning and this afternoon and we got a lot of C’s one or two P’s and only a few S’ which is always good to see.  Though there were a few U’s which considering we are only a month away from the election to be undecided is a little odd in my opinion.  Though I am waiting with baited breath for the knock on my door from the Labour party just so I can see how long I can keep them talking on the door step before telling them I am a Conservative.