If you believe the left then this bad 10 day period for the government has spelt the end of them and that they will be wiped of the electoral map at the next general election.  However a lot of these people are the same type of people who would love to see Karl Marx as prime minister.

But let’s address the real crux of the issue, a bad 2 week period in April 2012 all of 3 years and a month before the next general election will not be remembered by 99% of the electorate come May 2015 when they head to the polling stations to decide who to vote for.  If anything it is the 6-8 weeks prior to a general election that will help people decide how they will vote, as we saw in 2010 with the sudden surge in support for the Lib Dems after the leaders debates.

But you see Dave and Co. have a huge advantage over previous governments in that they actually already know the date of the next general election.  So unlike previous governments they know when they have to start the political bribery of the electorate.  Just like at the moment in the USA Obama doesn’t want anything to do with the Iran situation because he knows it could harm his re-election. 

So come the end of 2013, we will see in the UK this Government starting to focus on things that the people care about, and making changes that will directly impact their lives. However what the left have not factored in to their neigh saying is come 2015 when people go to the polls one big thing that people care a lot about is benefits; and we will see in 2015 the effects of the benefit reforms with those on benefits earning less than they are now.  Which will leave Labour with very little room to manoeuvre on the subject; as to say they would increase them would be political suicide. 

We will also see the changes to the NHS in full swing by 2015, and unless the NHS has collapsed and exploded like the left are hoping for then the electorate will be happy with that and Labour will have nothing they can really say about it. 

So all this doom saying from the left is really a lot of hot air, 2 bad weeks 3 years before an election is not the end of a government.  If it were then Tony Blair would have been done in at the start of each of his terms as Prime Minister, as he made lots of bad decisions at the beginning of his terms.  People don’t realise that the first 3 years of any government is when they get rid of the unpopular things that they have to do, so that the last 2 years they can pander to the voters for re-election. 

It’s what has always happened and will continue to happen so while Dave is probably spending a relaxing Sunday evening with Samantha and his family he is probably not worrying about 2015 today and is more thinking what should I watch on the telly tonight.  Whereas Ed on the other hand is probably thinking I am glad Bradford is over and done with but oh crap we have more elections in a months’ time!   

However it’s not a time to be complacent about 2015 but it’s equally not a time to worry. As if a week is a long time in politics then three years must be an eternity.