Now we all have probably seen the news story about Bideford Town Council and the right to pray before council meetings.  Now personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about, if the counsellors wish to pray before they start their meeting I think they should be allowed to.  However one counsellor didn’t think it was right and took them to court over it. 

Where the judge decided that there was no legal right to say a prayer at a council meeting; and for once rejected the human rights claim.  Which is rather unusual as recent history will show that judges have come down heavily on Christians with human rights decisions of late. 

Anyhow If we cast our minds back a few weeks, to what was a bad night for the Government in the House of Lords with the Bishops leading a revolt over the Welfare Bill.  We had lots of people on the left coming out and backing the Bishops saying it was a good thing that they did, and praising the Bishops somewhat for their actions. 

Then on a forum I post on came the news story about Bideford.  Where those on the left were all going on about how the church and state should be 100% separate and that religion has no place in politics.  Yet these were the same people who only a few weeks ago were praising the Bishops.  Then when I pointed out that the Queen is not only head of the state but head of the church, there were some well very interesting suggestions most notably the fact that we should remove the Queen. 

Well anyhow it seems that it’s not just Mr Miliband and co that change their position from day to day, but also their supporters that can’t make up their mind on what is good and bad.